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Our gaze sets on a search for a clear image. Peeking, seeking and yearning.

Yet instead, it encounters the fluidity of time, intertwined in duration.

Each plate represents a mark on the linear flow of time, past-present-future. Laviashvili invites us to reconstruct a relationship with ourselves trough the deconstruction of our temporal manner. All plates are engraved with Hebrew Braille, the “Past” with the word שֶׁקֶר (Sh’ker- Lie), the “Present” holds the word אֱמֶת (Emet – Truth) and the “Future” is מָוֶת (Mavet- Death).

The journey through and beyond time is created within an inside out fragmented camera obscura, both mimicking the act of sight and the scattering reflections of light in the space. Can we face the truth of the present? Askes Laviashvili, is our sight always trying to achieve clarity? Or are we impaired in front of reflections? Trapped within misconceptions, uneased by the openness of time and space and the possibilities of the truth, some of which remain obstructed.

Written by: Keren Yehezkel

© copyright 2024 sara laviashvili

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