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"The installation was created for the exhibition 8 Cube-Museum Space, which invited artists to submit ideas for works limited to an 8 cube open space at Tel Aviv Museum. This installation is a wireframe space that corresponds to the actual space in which it is displayed. Concrete reality that disintegrates and is rebuilt anew through different eyes, exposing disparate images that hide beneath the surface. The white cube is multiplied and deconstructed, transforming into the reflected black cube and challenging the perception of the hollow space. In front of it, the space is reflected and distorted at various angles by the mirrors that were placed on the floor, which also display the ceiling and fragments of the surrounding space. This is a space without walls, where the walls set up four spaces, simultaneously empty and full: the white cube, the black cube, and everything between and through them."

© copyright 2024 sara laviashvili

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