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Photography installation

"The installation was created for the exhibition Once I was a House, which took place in a condemned private house awaiting demolition and reconstruction. All of the installation’s components were taken from the house itself: it consists of two 89x159 cm Belgian windows that face one another, connected by a threaded rod at all four corners, and placed on a mirror pedestal. The pedestal was built from the house’s kitchen cabinets, and then covered with bathroom mirrors cut to fit the sides of the base. Some of the window panes were covered by fragments of a photograph that was printed on three slides and cut into pieces. The complete photograph can be viewed only from one specific vantage point, which overlooks the semi-open doors photographed on the second floor of the house. Once the viewer moves from this spot, the “full picture” falls apart, taking the heavy object and the piece down with it. The windows were removed and stripped off their original function, becoming remnants of the home; an artwork that preserves some of the elements and character of the house, and in it one moment, at a specific point in time, which captures the integrity of the open doors. Through the immobility, solidity, and stability – juxtaposed against the movement, disintegration, and “hovering” house – emerges the space of the former house, inside and out."

© copyright 2024 sara laviashvili

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