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"Sara Laviashvili, an emerging artist who works with different mediums, incorporates in her works complex aspects of two dimensionality and three dimensionality, both in the display space and in relation to the photographic medium. The exhibition’s title, which alludes to the museum’s past as an industrial factory, points to the materials and color palette of the piece, but also to the artist’s mode of operation from the moment she started exploring the museum space to the installation of her site-specific work, a process in which she was involved as a creator and as a “manual worker” (or in Hebrew, “black laborer”). The installation created by Laviashvili addresses the space as one of inversion, mirroring, and stillness/stasis, which reverberates the architectural structure of the museum: the ceiling is reflected in the floor that has become a photograph, the black tar that comprises the piece is transformed from a flowing liquid to a dense and hard material, while the small space captures and contains the black projection of the museum’s outer shell."

© copyright 2024 sara laviashvili

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